Savannah ~ Chattanooga Family Photographer

July 23, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

This baby girl arrived 2 weeks prior to when we thought she would be born and right after I left to go out of town for 2 weeks.  I took her newborn photos the day after I returned, and even though she was an older newborn she did wonderfully!  This family is very dear to my heart.  Prior to the arrival of their beautiful blessing, they went through several years of loss and discouragement not knowing if the Lord planned to give them any children.  My heart hurt for them each time I learned that the Lord took their baby to heaven once again.  After 2 babies in heaven and a time where they weren't sure if they would have any more children, the Lord gave them hope.  Stephanie told me a story of how she was outside her home and a baby hummingbird flew near her.  Soon after she learned she was expecting.  This was her baby hummingbird.  She knew the Lord had showed her a sign.  

They found out they were having a baby girl.  Such exciting news for Stephanie & Josh.  This baby girl is loved by so many and a blessing from above.  Meet baby Savannah.  She's so beautiful!   Oh and another fun fact...her daddy is a football coach and Savannah's initials  are SEC (Savannah Elizabeth Craft).  Isn't that fun!  



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