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3 boys and one sweet girl!  That's what these parents have been blessed with.  These friends are like family to me.  We both moved to Chattanooga at the same time, except my family was from the North and this family was from the South.  Our husbands work at Chattanooga Christian School.  We ended up moving to the same neighborhood within a few weeks of each other.  I'm so thankful God placed our families here at the same time and only 6 houses away from each other!  We've been a huge help to each other since neither of us has family in the area and we have to rely on friends for help with our kids.  We've swapped watching each other kids for several years now and our kids are like brothers and sisters.  Mike is a football coach and health teacher.  Paula is a momma/baby nurse.  They are both from Alabama and are huge 'Bama fans.   It's funny how different we are, yet how we are such good friends.   I honestly wouldn't know what to do without them.  I am so thankful God has placed friends like this in my life!  

This last picture makes me laugh.  AC is such a diva!  I love it!

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