Why choose RaeVen Photography?

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There are so many photographers to choose from, why would you choose RaeVen Photography?  What makes RVP (RaeVen Photography) so special?  Why choose me to photograph your family?

First, because I'm passionate about what I do.  I want to provide you with beautiful photos that you can display in your home and enjoy looking at for years to come.  I do this by assisting you from beginning to end. By picking out a location for your desired backdrop, to picking out clothes that compliment your personality, to then meeting with you in person to help you choose your favorite images from your photo session.

I have a great time with my customers.  I love capturing those smiles that make a person's eyes shine, to those natural laughs that truly show ones personality... That's what I want to capture.  I don't want those posed, awkward smiles.  From a baby's sweet grin, to a child's laughter as they chase bubbles, to a mom's warm smile as she lovingly looks at her child, that's what I want to capture for you.  A wonderful memory of the stage of life you are in, of your family at this very moment in time that you will never get back and that so quickly slips away.

This is why I'm there helping you through the entire process, making sure that in the end you get what you wanted in the beginning...beautiful portraits that preserve this special moment in your life.   Often we just go for the cheapest route, but this is usually not a wise decision when it comes to getting photographs taken.  Are you going to take the time to get prints made from that cd or will it just sit and collect dust?  And if you do get prints made, will those prints not fade over time, will they last for your generations to see years down the road?  Do you know the quality you are getting?  If you're going to invest in the time and clothes and money, then why not get something you can truly appreciate in the end.

After your photo session, I will then come to your home and show you all the products I offer and help you choose your favorite portraits that you want displayed and put into albums.  These are products that will last.  They will not fade and they are of true quality.  You are not required to purchase anything at all.  It is just a service I offer, with all of my photo sessions, to assist you in choosing what images you want from your photo session.  My children love looking through their albums and at their pictures of when they were younger, as do I.  It reminds me of a sweet moment in time, that we often forget because they grow up so quickly. 

So contact me today.  I'd love to take your family's portraits and give you the RVP Experience.  I promise, you won't regret it and you will be pleased in the end to have these treasured portraits for your family to enjoy for your years to come.


Rachael Venema



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