Challenge to All Moms in 2015: Capture images of YOU with your kids!

January 03, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

It's a new year...2015 is here!  And I'll just get right into what's been weighing on my heart. 

Moms, how often do you get in the photos with your kids?  How often do you stay out of the photos because you're embarrassed of how you look?

Think of all your excuses as to why you aren't in the photos.

Now, speed up about 20+ years from now when you are sitting down looking at images with your kids and notice how few photos you are in.  These are your kids' memories.  The photos that capture them reading a book, swinging on the swing, at the zoo, swimming in the pool, at the beach, etc.  These are the memories that have been captured for them to look back on. 

Now go find your photos from when you were a child.  Start going through the photos and look if you find very many of your own mom.  I just have a few of my mom from when I was younger. 

One last thing.  Take these questions and go ask your child the questions.

What do you see when you look at me?  What do you think of when you think of me?  What is your favorite thing about me?


I bet your child will start telling you that they think you're beautiful, kind, smart, funny, etc. (maybe in not those exact words, but in their words).  They won't say what you are thinking... I need to lose some weight, I look tired, my hair isn't perfect, I don't have makeup on, I'm still in my pj's, etc.  All your child knows is the time you've spent with them and loved them.

Now go get your camera and capture just that.  Capture yourself spending time with your children..playing, laughing, reading, cooking, etc.  Even let your child capture photos of you.

and guess what... I'm guilty of this too.  I'm a photographer...and I love being the one that captures the photos of others.  So I'm going to do this challenge as well.


So let's capture moments in 2015 of us with our kids, so one day they can remember those special times with their one and only mom.





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