Nora's Newborn Photos ~ Chattanooga Family Photographer

June 22, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I was so excited to take Nora's newborn photos.  Her parents had her nursery all decorated in alphabet letters, along with teddy bears...old and new.  One that was her momma's teddy bear, named Amanda (after a childhoold friend), from when she was a little girl and a new teddy bear for Nora to cherish as she grows.  I love capturing pieces of history and incorporating items that the family treasures in their photos.  We even captured a picture with Nora's grandmother that was out visiting.  A generational photo of Nora with her grandma and mother.  I love to think that some day Nora's children and grandchildren will look at these images of her as a baby and even display them around their home.  

Being in an age where people often just capture images with their cell phones and just post on facebook, instagram, etc, where images will more than likely be lost when generations go to look for them, these images I capture for my customers are all the more important.  These are prints that will be cherished by generations because there won't be many prints or images for them to look at since facebook or instagram will be something else by then and will no longer be the new popular thing.  I encourage everyone to print their images.  For you and your family to enjoy for generations to come.   Think of your images as pieces of your history, moments captured, that you will never get back.  Think of how you enjoy looking at images you have of yourself, your parents, your grandparents.  Even if it's just a few images, you cherish every one.  So print your images my friends!  I promise you, that you will never regret it.  Don't regret having no pictures to show your children and grandchildren.




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